The cast of Mnet’s ‘Good Girl’ has glorious mess potential, which makes me consider watching

With Unpretty Rapstar becoming uninteresting by season three, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t get involved with Mnet‘s new hip-hop show, Good Girl. However, now that the lineup has been announced, it’s honestly tempting because this could be a whole-ass mess.

Alright, so there’s SNSD‘s Hyoyeon, singer Ailee (shades of Hyorin here), Unpretty Rapstar alum Cheetah, singer Jamie (Park Jimin), CLC‘s Yeeun, KARD‘s Jiwoo, Show Me The Money 8 alum Yunhway, High School Rapper 3 winner Lee Young Ji, and rappers Sleeq (the San E diss) and Queen WA$ABII.

Straight up, it’s kinda fucked up that out of 10 female contestants only half of them are really in the hip-hop scene, especially when female MCs in Korea could use a boost. That said … boy this could be a fucking mess, huh? Could be great, could be terrible, but I want to find out, and one has to assume that’s the point of this, as realistically it’s hard to expect Mnet to ever do right by the hip-hop scene.

I’ll at least watch an episode, I’ll tell you that.


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