This Is So Stupid: The Boyz members get fan question asking about anus teeth, debate ensues

Somehow the title of this is not really a comedic exaggeration or satire, because members of The Boyz were actually asked about teeth coming out of their asses and they did actually discuss it.

The answer is obviously the dentist, right? It has to be. They already perform oral surgery, so why would you go to like an orthopedic surgeon instead? It makes no sense. Surely if teeth grew out of your ass, it would just be a specialized dentist surgery like getting wisdom teeth removed, right? Come on.

Also, I apologize to The Boyz fans, but which three members are these? Thank you.

Editor’s Note: It is Q, New, and Sunwoo from left to right. Thank you.


Thank you to the person who sent in this tip, it’s exactly the kind of tip I want.


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