Crayon Pop’s Way evaluates KAACHI’s debut MV, “Your Turn”

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been avoiding covering KAACHI, mainly because I simply haven’t cared enough to do so. There’s been a lot of drama around them, as well as a ton of meaningless semantics bullshit about whether they are “K-pop” or not, but it seemed like an awful lot of mess for what was, in the end, a mediocre debut from nugus with … well, I’m not even sure if they have a nugu company or not.

But I reversed course after I saw a video by Crayon Pop‘s Way, where she essentially outlines my exact experience in watching their debut music video, “Your Turn“.


That basically summarizes my thoughts, from the knowing about the backlash beforehand to seeing a whole lot of nugu groups who debuted that were worse to thinking they had to improve with the awkward shit if they wanted to go anywhere to not really getting the rather extreme hate.

*Besides the K-pop is a genre thing, but I’m not being baited into it.

Ironically, it really seems like the amount of backlash international fans give people like them and LANA actually make them somewhat relevant, and ignoring them would’ve made them effectively disappear. I just hope they can handle it cause some of the shit is just bullying, really.

Also, here’s a DKDKTV interview with them cause I generally enjoy their channel but haven’t really been able to post about it.


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