Berry Good’s Johyun’s apology to Lovelyz’s Mijoo was a masterpiece

Apologies for being late to this, but after Berry Good‘s Johyun got in hot water for being a #KimchiSneakyBitch #SlyFox to Lovelyz‘s Mijoo, she followed up with an apology that was just … an absolute work of art.

Along with the picture of Mijoo, Johyun wrote over it on her Instagram Stories.

“Mijoo unnie, who’s so so beautiful and an amazing variety show god!! Model-like height! Unbelievable physique! I was trying to express
I was continuously sorry for using extreme comparisons for the fun of the show. I love you, unnie! I’ll always cheer you on.”

I’m sorry, I just absolutely cannot read this as anything but taking the piss. The over-praising, the exclamation points, the bullet points, it’s all just so shady and fake sounding.

If she’s being genuine here then I shouldn’t laugh as hard at this, but holy shit.


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Thot Leader™