f(x)’s Amber lashes out at hate comments against her and she has a bit of a point

f(x)‘s Amber has lashed out recently at commenters who have been harassing her almost nonstop for a while now, including the latest fabrication that’s she’s pregnant.

My first thought is that she needs a publicist or something, but also … well, at least we know these messages are truly coming from her.

The backstory on this goes back a long way, and while the cop bootlicking on Just Kidding News wasn’t the first issue, it certainly appears to be what’s sparked all this. Then after that, a month ago she released this TikTok, which seemed to make like those criticizing her were just being haters and that added more fuel to the fire.

Ill-advised, is how I would put it.

Things escalated further recently when she posted about sending an e-mail to reps to push for first-degree murder charges against George Floyd’s killer. That caused K-pop fans to act as if she was trying to get an acquittal or something, but while overcharging can be an issue, it is important to remember the juries can be instructed to convict on lesser charges and that she is only re-iterating what George Floyd’s family wants. Don’t learn everything about the law from exasperated Twitter threads from K-pop stans, I guess.


Anyway, so that’s the context of everything that’s going on here. There are valid criticisms of Amber to drill down on, and I’ve personally been to the point where I only want to talk about those she collabs with and not her, but even I think the harassment/bullying (especially the direct stuff) she’s getting about unrelated shit is going overboard. While I doubt this is rant is going to help her any in terms of the people trolling her, I do understand the exasperation.

Amber also has recently seemed to have been better about things and has issued apologies (unlike, oh I dunno, Hwayoung) for her actions. The ironic thing is, as I’ve pointed out on Twitter, she’s likely been more useful than most who are talking about Black Lives Matter just online and not contributing in any tangible way.

Like it’s not that support online is worthless, but tweets are obviously not all of real life, so Asians contributing funds and/or showing out like this is important and I really feel she’s trying to do the right thing here. And criticizing her for that is not gonna help any.


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