Lim Young Min booted from AB6IX after DUI incident

Lim Young Min of AB6IX was recently caught drunk driving and was put on hiatus, though how long that would last was unknown. Well, Brand New Music has clarified that it is permanent as he will be booted from the group.

After thorough discussion with AB6IX member Lim Young Min, Lim Young Min’s departure from AB6IX was decided today with respect for his wish to no longer cause harm to the group. We apologize for causing concern to many fans with the sudden news. In addition, we express our deep apologies to the many people involved in these album promotions due to the team’s situation. As announced previously, AB6IX will continue promotions reorganized as a four-member group, and we will contribute even further effort to support AB6IX for their future. Lastly, we once again sincerely apologize for having to share disappointing news to the fans who always support and cherish AB6IX, and we will put in our full effort for them to return with more mature music and performances.

Drunk driving is shitty, obviously, and it’s of particularly bad timing considering their just starting out. However, I highly doubt they would go through with this action unless they didn’t think he was worth it either from a popularity or personality perspective as well.


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