KARD’s BM’s Big Tiddie Gang merch is here, with part of the proceeds going to breast cancer charity

KARD’s BM, who usually seems to embody chaotic good, has announced that he has not only made hihs Big Tiddie Gang merchandise for his Staydium brand dream from January come true, but also confirmed that part of the profits from any Staydium apparel will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in August.

The actual Big Tiddie Gang Merch will go on sale on June 18 on the brand’s site: www.staydiumla.com.

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@staydiumla @staydiumla @staydiumla Hi wdup everyone its the BIGTIDDIEGANG founder BM Im going to start this video with a personal story that takes place at our Los Angeles show of our Wildkard Tour 2019 in the US. Because it was October(Breast Cancer Awarenes month), as the tiddiegang leader, i felt it was necessary to mention breast cancer awareness in honor of everyone who was struggling or has struggled because of it. As i was completely unaware while doing so, there was a fan in particular who was in the process of beating her breast cancer at the time and she had told me at the end of our show that our music was helping her get through her chemotherapy. It made me feel like I could do something special by taking what started as a simple and funny meme, and turnin into something helpful and positive So here i am to proudly and finally announce that after a long wait, #BIGTIDDIEGANG MERCH IS FINALLY HERE! We have longsleeve tees in skyblue, charcoal and yellow for 29.99 And jerseys in white, blue and red for 34.99 I wanted to make this movement special by also announcing that as promised, A part of the profit from this movement will go into donations towards breast cancer awareness and research (https://www.bcrf.org/) An organization deeply involved in every major breakthrough in breast cancer research! Also 90% of their recievings go straight to funding the research! So hopefully small or big we can all be a part of the impact! Not only part of the profits from BIGTIDDIEGANG merch, but from profits of ALL staydium apparel merchandise are included in the donation so be sure to look at the other products as well! All the money we raised will be donated at the beginning of August so be sure to make your purchase before the end July! Thank you for supporting #BIGTIDDIEGANG Love you guys peace! -BM

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The back story of this was told to Eric Nam, and I guess this is the official origin story.

It’s time for Asian Junkie merch with references only three other people in the world will get.


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