The Boyz prevail on ‘Road To Kingdom’, advance to ‘Kingdom’

So I haven’t been keeping up to date with Mnet’s Road To Kingdom, but apparently the final five groups were The Boyz, ONEUS, ONF, PENTAGON, and VERIVERY, thus ruining my assumption that they would somehow shoehorn their own group TOO into the end game somehow. Maybe doing that after their scandals was a bridge too far even for Mnet.

In the end, it was The Boyz who will advance to what I presume will be called Kingdom to duke it out with the big dogs. Based on popularity and experience, Pentagon had to be the favorite, but The Boyz were right there among the most likely winners, so this isn’t that surprising to me. Hope the lineup for Kingdom is fun.

While I decided to pass on the pre-show to Kingdom, TheBiasList did not and he has recaps up for all the episodes, with the finale sure to come soon.


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