Woo Ji Yoon (ex-BOL4) clarifies that her song “DODO” isn’t a diss to Ahn Ji Young (BOL4)

Ever since BOL4 split up, there’s been rumors that the members had beef between them, but nothing actually tangible despite netizen hunting. Recently though, they latched on to the lyrics of Woo Jiyoon’s “DODO”, claiming it was a diss track to former partner Ahn Jiyoung.

Your endless desire and greed is a reason for a side out.
You pushed me away and took the set point
Salud beer, tryna gaslighting.
My dreamlike work was burnt away, rock my boat.
It’s a nightmare for me.
I’m selfish til the end.
The self-justification was that flowers will bloom tomorrow, for you.
I was worried for you.
I’m glad I got out.
Every clouds has a silver lining
Beat it, I did.

Not that I frequently approve of netizens having a conclusion in mind and then going hunting for evidence, but it didn’t seem like a total reach to think this could’ve been directed at Ahn Jiyoung.

There are several references that can be interpreted as references towards Ahn Jiyoung and BOL4 in the lyrics for DODO. First, she mentions endless desire and greed, which could refer to Ahn Jiyoung’s desire to continue with BOL4 even without her. She also mentions someone pushing her away, and again that can refer to Ahn Jiyoung pushing Woo Jiyoon out of BOL4. She also refers to BOL4’s song “Workaholic” with Salud beer. In “Workaholic”, part of the lyrics include Beer, Cheers, and salud can mean cheers in Spanish. Another reference is that she says she is glad she got out of BOL4, as she was living a nightmare.

I dunno. I never got the impression that the split was all that amicable, so it would fit.

But with the rumor gaining steam, Woo Ji Yoon stepped up to clarify that the song had nothing to do with Ahn Ji Young.

Granted, her working on the songs since 2019 doesn’t exactly change anything and she would be nuts to admit to beef with the far more popular group member at this point, so the denial in itself isn’t that strong. I suppose time will tell in terms of whether they actually support each other going forward or whether things are icy between the former duo.

And as much as I loathe to admit netizens might’ve had a point, it’s easy to come away from this believing more than ever that things are at least not as friendly between them as they want to project.


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