Tegoshi Yuya now out of NEWS & Johnny’s following suspension for COVID-19 policy violations

Tegoshi Yuya is now out of both NEWS and Johnny’s Entertainment following multiple instances of unnecessarily violating stay-at-home policies to party in late April and then again in May. NEWS is now a trio after six members have departed.

It has been announced that Yuya Tegoshi is no longer a member NEWS, he will also be leaving his agency Johnny & Associates. The announcement was made on Johnny’s net, and his removal is effective immediately. NTV also confirmed that Tegoshi will no longer appear as a regular on the television show ItteQ. Last month it was revealed that Tegoshi would be temporarily suspended from activities for an undetermined amount of time. Johnny’s apologized to fans for his sudden departure.

Given that he has a history of controversy for one thing or another, those incidents appeared to just be the last straw more than anything. Though the one I’ll always remember him for was the one with Yua Mikami back when she was still SKE48’s Kito Momona.

Honestly, I kinda wonder if he even cares all that much about this.


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