Day6’s Jae just the latest JYPE artist to voice complaints, later says it was misunderstanding

The other day Day 6 member Jae voiced his frustration with his company JYP Entertainment. It primarily revolved around his feeling of a lack of support, citing the company selectively supporting activities, and airing grievances about shutting down his YouTube channel.

Even if we’re just talking about recent activities, I have my podcast, ‘HWAITING‘ on Facebook, and my collaboration with 88rising, but why do you never post about the activities that I do?”

“For YouTube, I was barely able to get permission [to open a channel] after begging for one, even as I was reproached and felt like I was walking on eggshells. I did everything by myself but ended up having to put an end to ‘jaesix’ because I was told, ‘People at the company don’t view it favorably.’ But why is a different member able to happily do that with the managers creating a schedule, and the company providing funds for content, as well as other help?”

After this, however, he later walked things back, saying he spoke with the company about issues.

After talking with the company again, I think there have been a lot of misunderstandings. I want to say that I’m sorry for causing you concern with my post. And what I wanted to express was a personal problem between the company and myself, it’s completely unrelated to the members, and I never even thought that it was. I apologize for worrying My Day by not thinking it through.

JYPE also did damage control with the press, towing a similar line.

JYP Entertainment also told the news outlet Newsen, “Through our conversation, we have cleared up something that took place because of a misunderstanding between the company and the member. We will be very cautious in the future so that this sort of matter does not occur again.”

Of course, I assume nobody reasonable actually believes everything is fine and this just came out of nowhere. Hopefully he gets improved treatment from all this and doesn’t face backlash for speaking out.

I suppose it’s possible he was in the wrong or something, but I don’t think it’s all that logical considering he’s long from being the first to speak out.

Jamie famously/hilariously did this on After School Club (ironically with Jae holding her back).

So did Baek Ah Yeon.

And though I haven’t seen him mentioned yet, perhaps because it’s too old news, 2PM’s Taecyeon once did something similar except arguably far more harsh.

On January 4, Taecyeon tweeted a series of messages on his Twitter starting off with, “If those who don’t help out or have good management get promoted, then what becomes of the people who do help out and manage me? Is this a decision that is understandable? Will fans be able to understand an agency that I can’t even understand as a celebrity? What JYP Entertainment needs for 2014 is a reformation.” Taecyeon continued, “The agency needs to be a place where people want to work hard instead of just coming in and leaving exactly on time. If the workers of an entertainment agency cannot be entertained, how can the company satisfy the public? Don’t place importance on being part of the ‘Big 3’ or the agency’s name but it’s time to seek for substance.” Taecyeon left off with, “If our agency wants to aim for the best in 2014, it doesn’t have to do with solely the producer’s strengths but also the workers of the company as well. For the unappreciated jyp staffs but who deserve the actual credit.”

The playbook was followed here as well, as Taecyeon apologized.

Hours later, Taecyeon deleted those tweets and wrote a new apology on his official Twitter account. He wrote, “I think it was inappropriate of me to publicly criticize my company’s management. Please understand that I wrote that in my love and passion for JYP to be the best company. From now I will be a Ok Taecyeon who will work hard and has good communications with the company.”

So yeah, especially considering Taecyeon’s clean public image now, it’s safe to say these feelings aren’t new. Hell, the way the Wonder Girls were treated at the end, as some kind of side act, speaks to this as well.

Fans are citing other issues as well, and of course JYPE has had other issues, but those aren’t related to this specific complaint. The point to drill down on here is that there’s long been complaints about favoritism or blind spots in the company, and that it sucks they’re also like any other in protecting their #Brand first and foremost by making the employees with less power grovel for their sake. That isn’t a problem specific to them, but that’s just it, they aren’t exceptional, and it does explain why others who want to do music have shoved off to small companies that can actually focus on their needs.


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