Bill Stax tells off Narcotics Unit wanting a drug test, is now advocate for weed legalization

Well, here’s a case of agreeing with the point but questioning the wisdom of doing it under the specific circumstances.

Rapper Bill Stax — who charged with marijuana use in 2006 and was put on probation recently for using weed, cocaine, and Ecstasy in 2015 — is on probation at the moment for drug offenses. As a part of that he has to undergo drug tests, and recently he had quite the rant for the Narcotics Department in response to wanting a test.

In the texts, the detective wrote, “This is the Mapo Police Station detective XX. I called last time. I think it’d be good if you came in for a urine test, when will you be free?” Bill Stax (Vasco) retorted to the detective’s text message writing, “I talked to the Korean Medical Association and other legalization activists yesterday. And as I told you before, it’s extremely normal for a person who’s engaged in a legal campaign to post marijuana photos on his or her account or talk about them. If you continue calling, I’m going to file an anonymous report for you to be investigated. If I share this publicly where everyone can see, you’ll be investigated for sure. I politely decline taking the urine test. I want to enjoy my rights to freedom of expression.” He added, “You keep saying I took illegal drugs. How would someone that goes into the probation office once a month be doing drugs? And how is smoking marijuana doing drugs? If you keep blocking my way I’ll really show you the law. Anyway, even if I do the test it’ll be out in three days and you’ll know that I was telling the truth. Let’s do it right away. Ask them to come next week. Also, marijuana isn’t drugs, you brainless fool.”

He then photoshopped himself on a poster of the movie Drug King, saying,“You can call me the Drug King until it becomes legal. Come into my store through the front desk. We can film it live and upload it in real time. You won’t have anything to say except “I’m Sorry” and I’ll be dancing. Prove it. Issue an arrest warrant and prove it.”


Through this, I also learned that he is indeed fronting weed legalization in Korea, which is worth a read.

“My wife and her family are my biggest supporters,” he said. “After telling my in-laws that my end goal was to advocate for the friendly use of weed, they came back the next day with questions they wrote down after researching online. I’ve made plans to smoke weed with my mother-in-law in the future.” While South Korea became the first East Asian country to legalise non-hallucinogenic doses of weed for medical use in 2018, the country also has some of the harshest laws against the possession and sale of recreational weed. Knowing that it would take a lot more than music to change Koreans’ perception of weed, Bill Stax called on unlikely back-up in the form of Pastor Kang Sung-seok. A religious leader ordained by the Korean Association of Independent Churches and Missions, Kang, 41 years old, founded the Korean Medical Cannabis Organisation (KMCO), a civic organisation with about 200 members. It is the first organised group in South Korea to advocate for medical weed and was one of those who pressured the government to allow the use of weed in the medical sector. “We barely convinced the assembly representatives to change legislation by sharing stories of people suffering from epilepsy, cancer, and chronic pain, who could potentially see their lives changed with the help of medical weed,” Kang told VICE.

I admire the cause, as Korea is still a bit in the Reefer Madness stage of reactions to marijuana.

That said, I am legit concerned for the guy too, as he has a wife and kids and I’m not sure basically telling the police to fuck off while on probation is necessarily the best idea. I just hope it doesn’t end up like Yoochun’s press conference is all I’m saying.


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