Mina reveals the AOA members visited her & Jimin apologized (eventually, at least)

Earlier today, former AOA member Mina confessed to being bullied while in the group, eventually revealing that Jimin was the one behind her torment. While Jimin initially appeared to deny things, Mina continued to reveal her experiences, and now she’s revealed that all the AOA members came over to her house and Jimin apologized.

First, I’m sorry for being unable to control my emotions, making a lot of noise all day, and affecting a lot of people.. There must have been a lot of articles that were hard to read, and I’m sure for some, it’s something that they didn’t want to know. A lot of people came by my house, and I’m sorry for causing concern. There were many actions and words that a celebrity shouldn’t have taken or said.. I’m just really sorry. A few hours ago, all of the [AOA] members and managers came to my house, and we talked. At first, Jimin came in angry, and I was in disbelief. I asked if hers was an expression of someone who’s here to apologize. After arguing, she asked where the knives were, and if it would be enough if she died. Eventually, we sat down and talked, and she said she didn’t remember what happened. I continued to talk about all the times I was hurt by her. Of course, I wasn’t in my right mind either, and she didn’t recall much. I talked about when this happened and when that happened, and I couldn’t remember everything either, but what I did remember, I looked her straight in the eyes and told her. In her mind, we resolved everything at the funeral. But it was a funeral, and at least for that day, I was there to comfort her. But that day, we contacted each other, and she, not remembering anything, said sorry, so from her point of view, I see how she might’ve thought that way. But how can you resolve 11 years of pain in a single day? The [day of the funeral], we didn’t discuss anything about what I suffered over the years, and how can you talk about those things at a funeral? Of course, on that day, I was sincerely there to support her, and after that, I was back to myself. When you’re broken, you don’t return to your whole self overnight. Anyway, I continued to talk to her, and after listening, [Jimin] said she was sorry. No matter how it turned out, I did receive an apology, and I decided to accept it. [Jimin] left, and with the remaining members, I promised to pull myself together and stop thinking of taking any extreme measures, and that was it. I believe that our two fathers are watching us from heaven. Since I can’t lie.. To be honest, at first, when I first saw Jimin, I wondered if she actually felt any sort of guilt. But regardless, she said sorry many times.. I heard it.. I did.. Honestly, I don’t really know what to write. I truthfully didn’t see any intention from her to sincerely apologize, but this could be because of my own sense of inferiority, or it could be that I just want to see it that way since I’m so mad at her.. To her, it could have been sincere, so it’s hard to say for certain what it was. But since I need to wrap up.. Moving forward, I’m going to regain my composure and work hard and continue to receive treatment. I won’t be making any more of a fuss about this. I’m really sorry.. I’m sorry.. I’m going to try to get better little by little. There are a lot of people who were affected by me today, and I’m really sorry……. Even in this post, I don’t think I was able to write anything positive about [Jimin]. I acknowledge that. Honestly, I haven’t even been thinking about her apology at the end. The image of her coming over angry is what’s continually playing in my head. I’m as broken as can be, so it’s not going to be an immediate recovery…….. but I’m going to try. It’s also what I agreed to do..
I’m not going to mention this or post about this again.. It’s not good writing, so I’m not even sure what it says, but anyway, I’m sorry again..

First of all, I’m glad Mina herself seems to have gotten it all out and at least partially received closure on the matter. But honestly, it’s hard to feel anything but disgust at Jimin regarding this. Not only did she casually dismiss Mina’s story to start her role in this, but she basically came over and tried to gaslight her before reluctantly apologizing. I’m all for paving a way back for people who show remorse for their shitty actions, but it’s hard to believe she actually feels any based on what Mina said.

Hopefully the rest of the AOA members staying with her after Jimin left is a good sign in terms of them still being cool with each other and offering support, as I know she still followed all of them on social media except Jimin. Mina is most importantly going forward, and I hope they continue to look after her.


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