Ahn Ji Young (BOL4) believes Woo Ji Yoon’s “Dodo” was directed at her, Woo Ji Yoon responds

When BOL4 went their separate ways, they kept up appearances initially, but after a while the facade started to break down. First there were rumors, then there was speculation about pointed lyrics, and now both members are addressing what seems like beef.

The latest bit of mess stems from Ahn Ji Young explaining why she recently unfollowed former duo partner Woo Ji Yoon, essentially saying it’s because she felt “Dodo’ was a diss to her and couldn’t follow her after that for the sake of her mental health.

Before that friend’s departure was made public, she told me that she wanted to rest. In talks with our label, she said that she hoped to leave in order to find her own path. As you know, it was the same in her handwritten statement. When the news was made public, I heard from other artists and staff members in our label and our acquaintances that she had said that we had parted on good terms. During the time we promoted together, we never once received unfair treatment from the label, so I don’t understand how one could say that we parted on bad terms. I’ve looked at the lyrics for “Dodo” on the album “Odd Child” again and again. The same goes for the song “Island.” I don’t know what the intention was, but I went through a hard time for a while because it seemed obvious the lyrics were about me. In a 36-second timespan, lyrics like, “You pushed me aside,” “gaslighting,” “self-justification,” and “it’s a relief that I’m leaving.” The realtime searches were full of it and I dealt with criticism, malicious comments, and speculative articles all day. I go to therapy every week and suffer from depression. Every night, she comes to torment me in my dreams, so I struggle with insomnia. I couldn’t deal with it any longer and it was too hard for me to see her, so I unfollowed her. Are you happy now that I’ve explained why I unfollowed her? I’m human and I have feelings too. And it’s my personal social media account, so whether I follow or unfollow, what concern is it of yours? I don’t want this to become an issue anymore. I will support that friend as she takes on new challenges and changes. However, don’t compare us both or question who was good or who was bad, because that is being careless with the precious memories of the fans and listeners who related to and received comfort from BOL4’s music.

Seemed like a direct and honest reply, probably for the first time in this entire saga.

Soon after Woo Ji Yoon replied, opening up about her reason for leaving and her relationship with Ahn Ji Young.

The reason that I haven’t said anything was that I didn’t want to hurt the people who love me if my words caused another issue about me, who isn’t able to say enough. However, after considering carefully about it, I thought of how I’ve always felt regret over the losses I’ve experienced because I didn’t say anything. So after giving it a lot of thought, I’ve decided to try to write a few words. First, as many people know, the biggest reason that I left the group BOL4 was that I had a lot of concerns about my own path. However, rather than suddenly leaving, I wanted to end things properly so I was thinking of ending the group after a concert. But regardless of my own intentions, she showed that she intended to part with me more quickly, so I ended up leaving the team sooner than I’d thought. Also, even though I saw her talking about our relationship on television afterwards in a way that contrasted with my own thoughts, I didn’t want people talking about myself and her because of a scandal, so I didn’t say anything. And second, in regard to my song that many people are talking about and saying I took a shot at her with, as I said in my Instagram story before, that song was one that I’d already written a few years ago and I don’t have anything more to say about that. It’s hurt me as well to see that after I released my first song, so many people are calling it “taking a shot” rather than being interested in my music.
There’s still so much more that I haven’t said. However, I don’t want to add the things I haven’t said and then regret it. I’m just writing this for my acquaintances and fans who love me.

Well, she left what exactly went on rather ambiguous regarding further discord between them over her exit, but still sorta denies “Dodo” was a shot at her (as in she keeps specifying she wrote it earlier, but that doesn’t mean it’s not about Ahn Ji Young). Mostly though, she seems to just want to move on.

Either way, they’ve both dropped the charade now, and it’s probably in both their best interest to not continue on with the public back and forth if it’s just petty stuff and not serious issues. But if they don’t take that advice, then I’ll gladly cover the mess.


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