AOA’s Jimin posts apology, Mina responds & says ‘everyone’ is on Jimin’s side

Following Mina confessing that she was bullied in AOA for a decade by fellow member Jimin, the AOA members and some managers went to Mina presumably to make sure she’s okay and for Jimin to make an apology. Things didn’t quite seem to go smoothly, but it seemed like Mina had some closure.

Well, apparently not so much.

Jimin recently posted an apology to Instagram.

I can’t express everything in a short post but I am very, very sorry. I was lacking as a leader and I did wrong. As I carry this regret and sense of guilt, I realize that I did not understand Mina well during the time we spent together and I did not look around me carefully. Yesterday, I cried and apologized and cried again. However, I realize that the emotions that Mina has built up about me over time cannot be easily resolved, so I am very sorry. When I was younger, I believed that our team should only show our good sides to our staff and the world. That’s how I thought during my early twenties, but I realize now that I was lacking a humane side as a leader to lead a team in such a manner. I’m sorry for causing controversy and I’m sorry for writing a statement that is all over the place. More than anything else, I’m sincerely sorry to Mina and the members, who spent a lot of effort for the two of us.

However, Mina did not seem to think this was sufficient at all, and also ended up seemingly calling out the rest of the members as well.

Apologized? You apologized? I’m going to say what I need to say before I go. Yesterday, you said that you acted like that so that I would be set on the right path. Hearing this from the same person who brought a man to the dorms and had [sex]? You should be set on the right path first. At the very least, you shouldn’t have lied. I understand that you will hate me to the end and you don’t want to apologize to me. But what? I will never forget the look in your eyes when you came in. I’ll die and repay you in kind. All the eyes and ears that were at my house, you’re all the same. Shin Ji Min, you’re so lucky, everyone is on your side. You’ve won. I’ve lost. In the end, I’ve lost.

Jimin was always the focus here and the other members seemed to have at least been cordial with Mina in some way. However, Mina appears to be saying now that what happened yesterday was more of an ambush to resolve things and save face than anything genuine. It’s a bit vague, but she appears to feel like it’s everybody against her (people at her house included the other AOA members and the managers). We will see how that plays out, but right now it certainly doesn’t sound great.

This is truly ugly now, and while it’s easy to focus on the “drama” (it is way beyond that at this point) between members and what not, it’s important to remember that they went to her house with FNC Entertainment managers presumably for a reason. While Mina’s company has released a boiler plate statement, FNCE has yet to address this even though this all went down under their watch and she wrote about telling the company. Important to remember that this happened under FNCE’s watch, and companies can’t be micromanaging everything and also pretend they had no idea any of this was happening.

Again though, it’s disheartening to have this update. Because while insufficient, I hoped that the apology and what not would at least provide a foundation for Mina to get some closure and move forward, but that no longer seems to be the case, and it’s only likely to get worse whenever FNCE comes up with something to try to save their ass from a financial perspective.

Well, at least she seems to be safe for now.


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