Ex-ILUV member Minah terminates contract with company, then reveals she was bullied in the group

Former ILUV member Minah has come forward recently, saying that she was bullied in her group by the six other members that were in the group at the same time as her.

If you don’t remember ILUV, you could be forgiven, as they debuted in April of 2019, then had member changes (when Minah was added), and have apparently already disbanded. Other members have left and Minah recently won a battle to end her contract with the company WKS ENE, announcing the news on Instagram.

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As you can see, there’s also a mental health update, which is important for her and for her story.

Shortly after debuting, Minah went on hiatus for her health.

Recently, fans became concerned about the reason for her struggle when they saw her sympathizing with AOA’s Mina.

And she did a vlog a couple days ago talking about her struggles.

After she announced that she was out of the group and company, a fan became concerned and they talked through DMs, when she confessed to be bullied by the group.

When I initially saw this, I didn’t have reason to doubt the authenticity of the convo, but it’s hard to ever be too careful. However, any issues with that were resolved when Minah herself spoke out on Instagram Stories, alluding to bullying, talking with fans in DMs, and her mental health.

Minah also provided more specifics about her abuse.

She also mentioned that the company is going to redebut some ILUV members who bullied her in another group, likely the hilariously named BOTOPASS.

This is still ongoing on her part, so there’s been no response from the company or members yet, but at the end of the day what she seems to want most is an apology.

Most importantly, I’m glad it seems like she feels better after getting out of the situation and getting this off her chest. Hopefully this becomes a bigger story so that the members, or at least the company, address all of this.


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