Songs You May Have Missed: June Edition

Hello, it’s me, the playlist gremlin. In the words of 90% of everyone’s work colleagues for the last three months – I hope this finds you well. You could argue this playlist (and the other playlist) are both late, but really what is time? Anyway – enjoy.

GroovyRoom ft. 쿠기 – “Burn”

So admittedly, this song is kind of abrasive – but I kind of like tracks that do that. The general vibe of this song for me reminds me of playing Mass Effect, and I respect that.

Woodz – “Love Me Harder”

So like, I cannot gauge truly how many people may have missed this song, because I’ve been obsessed with it since the minute it came out. I love this song so much – it’s fun, it’s got the kind of groove I like, and honestly I’m so pleased for Woodz about his album. Congrats Luizy/Seungyoun from UNIQ/Seungyeon from X1/Woodz.

Heize ft. ASH ISLAND – “Your Name”

My girl Heize really just never disappoints me. Gorgeous voice, melancholy melody – the Heize brand is swift and effective, and I fall for it every time.

Sooyoon – “Deep Down Low”

So, coincidentally, this is the first of two tracks I have by former members of idol bands I was extremely into during their (actually pretty short) runs. This song by Sooyoon – former Royal Pirates member and general all-round talented guy – is sweet, sad and uncomplicated and so I am sat here, just vibing.

Chungha ft. pH-1 – “My Friend”

Okay okay so this song actually came out on the last day of May so I am TECHNICALLY cheating. Equally, I make the playlist rules and I say it’s fine if it was added to Spotify on the first day of June. Anyway, I like this fun, bouncy song – I’m easy for a good pH-1 feature and I am Chungha trash now I guess.

Zhou Mi ft. Ryeowook – “Starry Night”

God I just…really missed Zhou Mi. I love Zhou Mi. Everyone should love Zhou Mi.

Baek A Yeon – “Looking for Love”

This is the cute summer jam I both want and deserve, honestly. I’ve been peripherally aware of Baek A Yeon for a long time, and sort of feel bad that I’ve not paid her proper attention – clearly, a mistake.

punchnello ft. meenoi – “us”

I am continuing with my ‘listen to punchnello’ agenda with this song because it’s all the shit I like – even if I feel like meenoi’s vocals come in a bit too suddenly and it kind of throws me off.

Sam Carter – “It’s You”

And here we have the second track from a former member of an idol band I used to really love. Sam Carter, in a previous life, was the leader of the short-lived Lunafly, and has spent the last couple of years producing for idol groups (such as IZ*ONE) and most recently some mandopop tracks (e.g. for UNINE). This song is cute, and the chorus is super pretty – although I don’t think this is his best, I am just glad to see him continuing to put out his own stuff.

…and that’s it! Thanks as always for checking these out, and feel free to leave anything else in the comments or tweet me. Take care of yourselves, and happy streaming.


Editor’s Note: Yes, YES, I know. I’m way fucking behind on even posting reviews of others, but even if it’s TheBiasList’s work I do like to listen to it beforehand to get a feel for it. I’ll get those up soon, but baseball is back and all the shit going on with the pandemic and everything else in 2020 has had me off mentally a bit. I’m fine, but chill a bit and I’ll get there, lol.

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