Inoo Kei (Hey! Say! JUMP), Elly (Sandaime J Soul Brothers), Toru (One OK Rock) test postive for COVID-19

Over the last month or so, COVID-19 has hit Japanese entertainment with Hey! Say! JUMP’s Inoo Kei, Sandaime J Soul Brothers’ ELLY, and ONE OK ROCK’s Toru all contracting the virus.

It has been announced that Hey! Say! JUMP member Kei Inoo has tested positive for COVID-19. The statement from his office Johnny’s was very brief, they confirmed that he received a PCR test and confirmed that his test results came back positive on August 12th, 2020. Inoo is currently recovering at home. Upon the news of Inoo testing positive, all of the other members of Hey! Say! JUMP also received a PCR test but luckily all of them came back negative.

LDH JAPAN has announced that ELLY, member of Sandaime J Soul Brothers, has tested positive for COVID-19. He came down with a fever on August 1 after appearing on the TBS program “Honoo no Taiiku Kai TVSP.” ELLY didn’t appear on a Sandaime J Soul Brothers live streaming event the following day. He took a PCR test the day after that, August 3, with the result coming back as positive on August 5. Presently, fever is his only symptom. He is taking precautions and resting though to help his recovery. “I want to rest and recover under the direction of my doctor so that I don’t spread my illness to others,” ELLY said in the statement annoucing his diagnosis. The other members of Sandaime J Soul Brothers are not considered to be at risk due to ELLY.

It has been announced that ONE OK ROCK‘s guitar player and support vocalist Toru has tested positive for COVID-19. According to a statement from ONE OK ROCK’s management amuse, Toru ran a fever and began to feel chills on the morning of July 27th. He was tested later that day via PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) and was confirmed to be positive. Toru is currently receiving medical treatment and a medical institution in Tokyo and is in stable condition. Despite interacting with his ONE OK ROCK band mates, all of them are currently reported to be in good physical condition.

While this obviously isn’t news you want, I suppose it’s a testament to how Asia has handled this in general that more haven’t been infected. Glad they appear to all be doing well, and thus this can just serve as a reminder that COVID-19 is still out there and it’s still killing.


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