f(x)’s Krystal reportedly leaving company, SME says they’re still discussing (she gone)

Following the departures of Amber and Luna from SM Entertainment, now Krystal is reportedly following and shopping around at various acting agencies already.

On August 18, Ilgan Sports released a report citing an industry source who stated that f(x)’s Krystal was leaving SM Entertainment and preparing to begin a new chapter in her life in a new place. According to the report, Krystal has already met with several well-known actor management companies, many of which have reached out to her first after hearing that she was becoming a free agent. It was said that while she has held meetings with these agencies, she has not yet discussed a detailed contract with any of them. She is reportedly looking for an agency that will both support her as an actress and go along with her plans to release music.

SME has responded by saying they’re still in discussions.

SM Entertainment stated, “Our exclusive contract with Krystal expires in late August. We will continue to have discussions with Krystal about renewing the contract.”

Almost always that seems to mean that she’s gone but they can’t technically confirm it until the contract is actually up. This can’t seriously come as a surprise to anybody, and honestly I had already assumed she left.

Victoria’s case is a bit different as she announced her departure from SME a year ago, but SME still treats her like a part of the company, so they must have some arrangement. Either way, she’s solely based in China for now, so f(x) have all effectively now gone their separate ways.


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