Sori has a project for her (maybe final) comeback single

Sori has been active on YouTube and on various television shows, but she hasn’t made a musical release since last July. Recently though she launched a new Kickstarter project to fund what she says may be her final single.

Have you been watching my web series, “Almost Famous?”  I seriously thought my career as a singer was not happening anymore, but thanks to your support, I began dreaming again to sing as I starred in “Almost Famous.”  I am so blessed to have you guys, fans, as my loving family! Thank you for your undying love and for believing in me with my music! To repay your love and support, I’ll see you soon with a brand new song in August.  It may be my last, but I now realize many of you are waiting for me to sing again.  I appreciate your love and support as always, SweetNotes!

The project also revealed that she had been working part-time at a cafe recently after apparently giving up on being a singer before being rejuvenated by the web series.

Anyway, she’s about $7000 away from her goal, so go support if you can.


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