Red Velvet’s Joy rocks ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ shirt, makes people mad for the wrong reasons

On a series of posts on Instagram recently, Red Velvet member Joy rocked a shirt under a blazer that read “We Should All Be Feminists”.

The person who posted it on an online community was already pissed off, calling her selfish for wearing something controversial, and critical netizen comments continued.

This is going to affect the rest of the group, why is she wearing it?”
“Joy is for sure a feminist. This is clear evidence.”
“A girl group has the guts to show they are feminist. all their fans will leave.”
“She’s so selfish, she knows this will cause controversy but she still chose to wear it.”
“I’m going to switch over to being a BLACKPINK fan.”
“I think everyone knew Joy was a feminist already. She clicked ‘like’ on a feminist’s post before.”

There were people defending her as well, though I suppose the whole issue is that it’s even a controversy to begin with.

That said, I do think people can feel like this is ridiculous, not at her because she wore a shirt with that messaging, but because Dior are charging 860 fucking dollars for it. Apparently a portion of the profits go to charity at least, and maybe I’m alone on feeling weird about it, but a #Brand like Dior profiting so nakedly off a social movement still feels cynical as all fuck.


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