ANS’s company rejects group’s claims, mention issues between Haena & other members

Following Haena’s comments about mistreatment and seven members of the group ANS terminating their contracts with their agency, ANS Entertainment has now pushed back against the seven members.

ANS Entertainment has never stinted on investing time and effort into supporting the development of ANS, a girl group that was created in our agency’s name to represent K-pop. After the end of their promotions for “Say My Name,” which received a lot of love at the beginning of this year, the global COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of several events. Despite this situation, the agency was preparing for the group to make a comeback with a mini album. The members were preparing for this comeback when they said that they could not go in for dance lessons due to frequent injuries. We respected the members’ opinions and delayed the comeback and gave them a period of rest in order to recover their health.

Essentially, they paint it as COVID-19 cancelling some plans but that things were proceeding normally until they got a certification of contents for the contracts.

During the rest period, however, we received a certification of contents about their exclusive contract from the members, which could not be less than shocking to us. It is not true that we violated our exclusive contract with the members in any way. We have thoroughly respected the standard contract for popular culture artists. Furthermore, we will do our best to invest in and support them in future. In addition, we would like to state that there has been no issue regarding finances and payment, which is so often an issue in the entertainment industry. Just as it states in the standard contract for popular culture artists, the profits are reduced by the amount that was invested in the artist prior to that time and then divided between the agency and the members. ANS Entertainment requests that the ANS members fulfill the obligations of their exclusive contracts. To other agencies, we warn that the members’ contracts with us remain valid and that to meet with the members and suggest a new contract with them will require us to take civil and criminal action.

Notably, they frame this as effectively a conflict between Haena, them, and the other seven members.

When the dispute over the contract broke out, the members and their legal representatives’ one-sided claims about contract violation forced the agency into a position of sacrifice and loss and caused mutual misunderstandings and distrust. We will do our best to resolve the issues that broke out between Haena and the other seven members, as well as the seven members’ dispute about their exclusive contracts, and release another official statement later. We ask that people refrain from malicious comments and false rumors on social media and media outlets. In order to prevent misunderstandings and controversies, we strongly request that people refrain from behavior that will defame the name of our agency and artists. Please understand that such continued behavior will result in us taking legal action.

Okay, so Haena didn’t explicitly say that she was speaking on the other seven members in her posts, and the other ANS members didn’t say they saw a major issue either, but it always seemed like they were on opposite sides here.

Now ANS Entertainment is the first to basically say directly that there was a dispute between them, and based on Haena’s words and the company’s own statement, ANSE seem to be more aligned with Haena at this time.


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