‘Hotel Del Luna’ is getting an American remake and I’m … kinda excited?

Over two months late is better than never, and I recently stumbled upon news that the hit Korean drama Hotel Del Luna would be getting an American remake through Studio Dragon working with Skydance TV.

Studio Dragon, the maker of the drama, which recently opened a US branch, announced a collaboration with Skydance TV on Wednesday to plan and produce the US remake. Skydance TV is the production company behind “Terminator: Dark Fate,” “6 Underground” and “Mission: Impossible – Fallout,” among others. This is the first time a Korean studio will be working with a US production company on equal standing in creating a scripted show. Alison Schapker, one of the producers of the Netflix series “Altered Carbon,” will be developing and producing the remake.

“We believe ‘Hotel Del Luna’ will enhance the reputation of Korean storytelling around the world by showcasing the global appeal of our local stories,” said Park Hyun, head of Studio Dragon’s global division.

Now I’m always skeptical about American remakes because a great majority of the time they are either not given the care they deserve or simply don’t match American tastes conceptually. Too many times they try to adapt stuff that’s highly character driven, which is harder to recreate, but the concept here is unique.

Thus, I’m kinda excited about this? The supernatural element and historical weaving gives them a lot of leeway in terms of directions to take the drama with an American twist to it, so if they put the effort into it, there’s a chance we could get something interesting.

Of course, it’s reasonable to remain skeptical until we know more about it, but just on the surface I’m more intrigued by this than appalled for once.


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