That ‘I-LAND’ show is done & the 7-member debut group will be called ENHYPEN

Hey, remember that I-LAND show? Well, you may, but I don’t since I literally haven’t watched a second of it and I have rarely seen it mentioned on the timeline. Still, it’s a big project between CJ E&M and Big Hit Entertainment, so they’re not gonna let it flop without a fight. And apparently it was popular elsewhere, so you’ll probably be hearing from them a lot more soon.

Anyway, it finished recently and now the seven-member lineup is out.

But yes, I wanted to talk about the name, which is ENHYPEN. The meaning is supposed to be related to “hyphen”, and while they don’t mention the misspelling, I assume (hope) that it’s on purpose as in the group with be ‘hype’ as well.

On September 18, the live finale of “I-LAND” featured the announcement that the new boy group formed through the show would be called ENHYPEN. The meaning of the name was described as, “Just like hyphens connect different words to make new meanings, members of ENHYPEN will connect, discover each other, and grow together.”

The funniest part is that as dumb as that is, it doesn’t even really register on the ridiculous K-pop group names scale.


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