Woojin (ex-Stray Kids) accusations analyzed by DKDKTV, who provide evidence 10x Entertainment is legit

Former Stray Kids member Woojin was recently accused of sexual assault/sexual harassment by two anonymous accounts, which eventually led to him addressing it personally and also having his company address it.

The problem was the “company” didn’t seem legitimate and doubts were cast on that and also his denial due to the fact that he oddly used it as a chance to promote his solo. DKDKTV recently did some groundwork and actual journalism, getting records of his company as legit.

So they went and got proof that the company was legit and was registered in July, thus it would require amazing foresight for this mess if it was a fake company.

Additionally, one of the accounts was subsequently shown to be questionable at best due to the picture cited as evidence being taken from a random Korean guy’s Instagram on a different date (as mentioned in the video).

Thus, what we’re left with is the initial accusation, mystery surrounding his exit from Stray Kids, and his odd response to the accusations (which understandably irked many regardless of the claim being true or false). Thus, while I feel it’s fair to look at him with a skeptical eye, it’s difficult to either condemn or exonerate him regarding the accusations at this stage, though I imagine everybody will feel their own way about this.


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