BTS drop choreo version of “Dynamite”, which has held up well

After releasing “Dynamite” over a month ago now, the song has gone on to great success on worldwide charts, and BTS recently dropped a choreography video for the song.

Honestly think this is better than the music video, but I digress.

This post was made basically to talk about the status of the song. When it was reviewed, TheBiasList and I seemed to agree that it was a solid, fun release but could’ve used more thump in the chorus. It faded from memory a bit after, but I recently heard “Dynamite” used for a YouTube commercial, and while it’s still true that a knockout chorus would’ve vaulted it into more great than good territory, the commercial really just reminded me that the song is foot-tappingly catchy. It’s not just my disco bias, I swear. Yes, I wrote this just to tell off everybody who said that.


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