Mina’s (ex-AOA) contract with Woori Actors terminated, will take a break

Former AOA member Mina has terminated her contract with Woori Actors, according to the company, presumably to focus on her mental health.

A representative of Woori Actors commented, “After careful and thorough discussion with Kwon Mina, we have ended up terminating her contract. Kwon Mina is planning to take a break and rest for the time being.” Woori Actors’ management of Mina’s activities officially ended after her birthday on September 21, when the agency handled the receipt and delivery of fans’ gifts for the star.

It was only four months ago that she signed with the company, but since then she’s talked about being bullied in her former group and her battles with mental health.

Given the seriousness of the circumstances surrounding Mina’s wellbeing, this decision definitely seems to make sense on its face, as the entertainment industry can’t be a good place for her at the moment. That said, I sure hope it really was her decision and it wasn’t the company trying to cut losses or something like that.


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