Prostitutes testify they provided services at Seungri’s home, his lawyer denies

In case you’ve become fatigued with the saga, today had a nice reminder that Seungri’s legal battle continues on. At his trial for procuring prostitution, two women testified that they performed sexual acts at Seungri’s house in exchange for money.

I went to the house not knowing that it was Mr. Lee’s (Seungri). I only learned that it was his residence after I arrived and he was there. I received my payment through a third party. However, he did give me money for my taxi ride home. — Prostitute Witness B
She continued with her testimony by sharing with the court that she provided services to one of Seungri’s Japanese clients in December of 2015.

The second prostitute, witness C, gave a similar testimony against the former Big Bang member. She revealed that during the Christmas season in December of 2015, she was taken to someone’s apartment. It was after she went inside that she realized it could have been Mr. Lee’s (Seungri) residence.
I received the call from my handler and went to an apartment that I assumed was Mr. Lee’s. However, I had my head down when I entered the residence so I don’t really remember if Seungri was one of the people there. There was 3-4 men there. I know for a fact that Yoo In Suk was present.
— Prostitute Witness C

Like I’ve been saying throughout this case, I don’t know if they will be able to nail him to anything legally, especially given how the investigation was botched. And if you want to believe that his partner Yoo In Suk is guilty and all these people did all these shady things completely without his knowledge then that’s your prerogative, but it seems comically unlikely.

Also, a reminder that even if he somehow didn’t know about all the other sex crimes and prostitution stuff going on around him, he absolutely knew about the molka scandal and did nothing, so I can’t see the reason to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Predictably, his lawyers are arguing for just that, however.

At the time, Mr. Lee was very well-known as a famous singer.Financially, he was doing well for himself so there is absolutely no reason for him to accept that type of investment.
— Seungri’s Legal Representative

Sure, it’s their job, after all.

But yeah, the logic that one is rich so they don’t need to do bribery and other acts of fuckery is utterly detached from the reality we know.


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