Rapper Iron arrested for allegedly assaulting roommate with baseball bat

Rapper Iron, who has already had multiple run-ins with the law from drug use to assaulting his ex-girlfriend, has now been arrested for assaulting his roommate with baseball bat.

“A” was an 18-year-old student who first met Iron two years ago and was living as his roommate and receiving music lessons from him. According to the police statement, Iron accused “A” of lying to him and forced “A” to lie face down and hit their backside about 50 times for 20 minutes with a baseball bat. Afterward, “A” had bruises on both thighs. During police questioning, “A” stated that they had given Iron a music file and was accused of corrupting it with a virus. When “A” denied it, the assault as described above took place. According to the police statement, Iron said that it had been a disciplinary measure, but admitted to the assault.

18 is a minor in Korea so he was booked on a charge of assaulting a minor and police want a detention warrant because he might run or commit another crime. Gee, I wonder what would cause that concern.

Every time he does some other terrible shit, I think about Korean and international news outlets for outing Iron’s victim cause of her Instagram content. Good call, dipshits.


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