Songs You May Have Missed: November 2020


Hello everyone. It’s that time again, where I yell about a bunch of songs and some of you listen to them. I don’t have a ton to add this month – but some of you will be pleased to know that this month’s playlist is quite a bit longer than usual. Let’s get to it!

Natty – “Teddy Bear”

Starting off strong this month with my favourite song on my playlist – I have caught myself doing the “bum ba-da-bum ba-da-bum” so many times over the past few weeks. 10/10, good bop.

Jamie (ft. Jay Park) – “Apollo 11”

Compared with Jamie’s last song, this one is a lot softer and sweeter, and shows off her vocals perfectly. Not my favourite ever from her, but definitely a good listen.

GIRLKIND – “Psycho4U”

I wasn’t expecting this song to sound like this when I saw the title – even after several listens I still keep expecting it to be some bombastic Blackpink-esque track, and it’s very much not that. Please more from GIRLKIND.

Jang Woohyuk – “LUV(SHE)”

I’m not a huge fan of the vocal effects on this song throughout, but it’s definitely boppable. Also please watch the MV for that sparkly jacket.

Dahye – “Bad Blood”

100% queen shit. I love it.

Lee Seunggi – “The Ordinary Man”

I think we can all admit that I’ve become a ballad fan in the past couple of months. My heartstrings have been plucked and now there’s no going back. Damn it, Lee Seunggi.

AKMU – “Happening”

I often feel with AKMU songs that there’s nothing I can say to adequately sum up how talented I think they are, so I’ll leave this here for everyone to form their own opinion on. But I want it to be known: as far as I’m concerned, AKMU always win.

Chungha (ft. R3HAB) – “Dream of You”

Chungha release more than one track at once so I can put you in the B-Side Playlist challenge: failed. I honestly really enjoy that she’s doing all the collabs she wants to do, and I especially like this one (and ESPECIALLY the chorus).

PURPLE KISS – “My Heart Skip A Beat”

Please just let them debut. We all want more of this. Please release them into the kpop world.

Sunye & Jo Kwon – “First Page”

These two work so well together, and their voices complement each other so nicely that I really stood no chance against it. Ballads: 2 – Hels: 0.


Love to see the return of fun bops from Oneus, Merry Christmas to me specifically.

DPR LIVE, Crush, eaJ (Jae) – “Jam & Butterfly”

Even with the other people featured on this track, everything about it feels like a DPR Live track to me – which I don’t mean as a bad thing at all. 

Car, the garden – “Get To You”

A fairly standard ballad, but pretty all the same. I don’t have anything to complain about here – some of the modulation in the choruses is really very pretty.

NIve (ft. Heize) – “2easy”

The addition of Heize to a song is a direct line to my heart and I can’t even apologise for it.

CHEEZE – “Goodnight”

It’s been such a good year for Cheeze, musically, and she absolutely deserves that honestly.

Hash Swan – “Angae”

I have said it so many times in these playlists but: I am a huge Hash Swan fan. Do I think he misses sometimes? Yes. Do I like this track? Absolutely yes. I love his particular brand of moody sadboy rap.

WOOGIE (ft. ROMderful &punchnello) – “Paradise”

This is a really quite soft, peaceful jam. Punchnello is another one of those artists that I think elevates every song he’s on, so I was almost sold before I even started this song.

MOTTE – “Airplane Mode”

Summer belongs to the girls but winter also apparently belongs to the girls. I’ve not listened to Motte before but her voice is exactly that kind of sweet, slightly raspy tone that I really love.

BlueBEAR – “Fresh”

I had a hard time picking just one track off BlueBEAR’s most recent mini – it was a toss up between this one and “Thank You”, and in the end I had to just flip a coin for the winner. The EP is called “Cure” and I advise everyone to listen to it.

Dept (ft. NASON, Amin) – “How could you”

I love a good sad love song, I really do. This track is part of Dept’s EP “Love Has A Limit”, which I wholeheartedly recommend. My other favourite track from it is “Stay”, which also features Amin.

Low (ft. chilly) – “MOVE”

Sweet, understated vocals? Theremin in the background? Moody as hell MV? This has everything I like.


So you will notice, if you read both my monthly playlists, that STAYC appears on both of them this month. The reason for this is that I liked both songs on their “Star To A Young Culture” single so much that I just wanted to give attention to some good rookies on their debut. This is good and I look forward to more from them.


If you are not listening to SAAY, please rectify that immediately by checking out her most recent album “FEELosophy”. My other favourites from it are “A.M.A.F”, “HOLD ME UP”, and “ALOHA”.

…and that’s it! As always, feel free to let me know about any other songs you liked during the month of November, and happy listening!

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