[Review] “Good Girl” includes some messiness but get carried through by HyunA

Though HyunA released I’m Not Cool last week, she was originally scheduled to promote a different track last year. That song is Good Girl, which officially breaks free of its b-side status with a music video today. I liked I’m Not Cool well enough, but this feels more like a single. I’m glad that she’s choosing to promote it as well, even if it doesn’t quite live up to the best of her material.

Good Girl takes much of the same attitude and energy from I’m Not Cool, but adds a welcome shot of melody to give it a poppier appeal. The opening synth effect calls back to HyunA’s classic Bubble Pop, while the first verse offers a punchy hook that traces a satisfying melodic arc. The pre-chorus pulls back more than I’d like, but builds toward the song’s chant-along refrain with panache. I actually think Good Girl’s chorus is its weakest element. It’s definitely catchy, but the performance feels like it’s missing some punch.

I could also do without Good Girl’s noisy breakdown, which brings chaotic synths into the mix. Given the percussive nature of the track’s verses, I think a drumline instrumental would have fit better during this segment. Still, the track holds together pretty well despite its occasional messiness. It’s a great conduit for HyunA’s considerable charm, and I love the straightforward percussion that underlines much of the instrumental. It’s refreshing to hear confident drum beats that aren’t just high-hats and lurching EDM elements strung together.

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