Yoochun finally pays the ~$50,000 in damages to his alleged sexual assault victim, her lawyer issues statement

Way back in July of 2019, Yoochun was ordered by the court to settle a damages lawsuit brought by one of his alleged sexual assault victims. In March of last year he faced potential punishment for not paying, and then in October of last year claimed he was broke.

Well, he stopped stalling in November and agreed to pay ~$50,000 in damages, and now he’s finally followed through on doing what the court ordered him to, according to the woman’s lawyer.

After victim A received harm by being sexually assaulted by Park Yoochun and she filed a criminal complaint, she was accused of making false accusations and suffered for a long time. The prosecution at the time said that the victim revealing the harm she received was false accusation and defamation, but the court pronounced that victim A, who had suddenly become the accused, was not guilty. She was not even given the chance to seek a judgement from the court over the harm she received from the sexual assault as the prosecution did not make an indictment. However, after watching the examination of the witnesses including many people involved, such as victim A and Park Yoochun, all the jurors gave the verdict that victim A was not guilty. In the first, second, and third trials, which looked at this verdict and the investigation record, the court also recognized the injust treatment of victim A. It was fortunate that victim A was no longer accused but the suffering she experienced in the meantime could not be expressed in words. The prosecution at the time filed an unreasonable indictment regarding victim A and requested a pretrial detention warrant. She anxiously experienced an investigation as the accused instead of as a victim, and on the day of the pretrial detention warrant request, the victim had to be confined in a detention center for the first time in her life, from the morning until close to midnight when it was decided that the pretrial detention warrant was rejected. She then stood trial while not being in detention, but during that time the victim had to live as the accused instead of the victim. From the date of preparatory proceedings to the date of the trial, the courtroom was always full of people. On top of the injustice and anxiety of victim A standing trial as the accused, victim A had to experience another kind of anxiety and pressure in the courtroom that was packed with dozens of Park Yoochun’s fans. If there had not been many activists from women’s organizations in the courtroom, it would have been very difficult for the victim and her lawyer to endure those days. However, on those anxious days, the victim’s personal information was spread online and she experienced a secondary offense as she was defamed and insulted. And even now, the victim still experiences such secondary harm. For that reason, victim A filed a civil suit against Park Yoochun. Although the court did not have the opportunity to judge the harm received by victim A as a crime, the court at least recognized it as illegal according to the Civil Procedure Act. In addition, Park Yoochun’s side also accepted this. After this, Park Yoochun could not make the payment due to various circumstances, but fortunately he paid in full, including interest, in two parts on December 31, 2020 and January 31, 2021. The reason I’m writing this press release is that there are reporters individually making inquiries to my office, while it is also to inform the people who continue to commit secondary offenses against victim A even now. It’s true that Park Yoochun committed a great wrongdoing toward victim A in the past, but he has apologized for this and paid damages too. The wrongdoing that Park Yoochun committed and the suffering that victim A experienced do not disappear because of the apology or the payment of damages. However, victim A has overcome the pain and is currently living as a sincere and healthy young person, as a cultural artist. What victim A hopes for is that she can truly be free of this incident. There were many people who called themselves Park Yoochun’s fans and committed secondary offenses, and some of them are continuing such words and actions. However, Park Yoochun has said he admits his wrongdoing and is reflecting, and he has even paid damages. Therefore, I hope that if they are really his fans, they will look back on their past wrongdoings and at least now stop such actions. A true fan love involves not distorting the wrongdoings that a star commits, but rather giving support so that they can not repeat such wrongdoings and can go forward. When that happens, the victim can also finally become completely free of this incident and return to their life in full.

Noteworthy that her lawyer does not hesitate in stating plainly that his client was sexually assaulted by Yoochun, which is rare candor due to fear of being sued, but she already was ruled not guilty on that front.

It’s remarkable that it took nearly two years since Yoochun was ordered by a court to pay damages for the woman to receive payment, and only half of the original amount that was ruled on.

None of this seems like justice, but at this point, you just hope she can move on from this mess, as at least as a result of all this there aren’t many rational people left who believe his side of things.


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