Jessica’s ‘Bright’, the follow-up novel to ‘Shine’, is coming soon and my body is ready

Over a year ago, I made an ironic purchase of Jessica’s debut as an author with the young adult novel ‘Shine’, a vaguely auto-biographical read about life in K-pop.

Well, I proceeded to ironically read the book in one night and then ironically gave it an entire review, and now that Simon & Schuster have revealed the synopsis for the follow-up ‘Bright’, I will ironically be buying that as well.

Couture gowns, sponsored parties, international travel. Rachel Kim is at the top of her game. Girls Forever is now the number-one K-pop group in the world, and her fame skyrockets after her viral airport styling attracts the attention of fashion’s biggest names. Her life’s a swirl of technicolor glamour and adoring fans. Rachel can’t imagine shining any brighter. The only thing that’s missing is love—but Rachel’s determined to follow the rules. In her world, falling in love can cost you everything. Enter Alex. When Rachel literally falls head over designer heels into his lap on a crowded metro, she’s tempted to give up her anti-love vows. Alex is more than just heart-stopping dimples and adorably quirky banter. He believes in Rachel’s future—both in music and in fashion. But the higher you rise, the farther you have to fall. And when a shocking act of betrayal shatters her world, Rachel must finally listen to her heart.

Buddy, if you think for a goddamn second I’m going to pass on buying and then reading and then reviewing this, you’re out of your goddamn mind. Not only is it maybe gonna handle the 9/30 event, but more importantly, it’s seemingly going to portray Tyler Kwon as like the knight in shining armor. Can’t wait.

Uh … but folks, it’s important to remember that this is all ironic and I’m totally above this type of immature stuff. Ironically investing more time into this than I have in my own site over the past week.


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