Park Ji Hoon’s lawyer recounts a false bullying allegation against the idols that was done just for kicks

As bullying controversies have come back into prominence recently, a lawyer recently stepped forward to talk about false accusations of bullying against Park Ji Hoon of WANNA ONE fame.

Lawyer Ko Seung Woo, who is working at Gangnam LCC, revealed that Park Ji Hoon was accused of school bullying. The attorney said the incident happened in 2017 after a basher claimed that Park Ji Hoon had mistreated him during their middle school days. According to Seung Woo, the hater claimed he has been spitting on his screen whenever he sees Park Ji Hoon. The accuser even warned the former Wanna One member to prepare for his revenge as he is very eager to bring him down. The same source stated that Park Ji Hoon bullied him in the past. However, after the police conducted thorough investigation, it was revealed that the person who wrote the alarming message was someone who is completely unrelated to the “BOOMERANG” singer. Lawyer Ko Seung Woo, then, divulged that the criticizer of Park Ji Hoon is actually a 28-year-old man, who fabricated the entire plot just to make a fuss. The attorney went on to say that the basher was an ordinary office man who did not even live in the same community where Park Ji Hoon grew up.

Thought this was interesting because while we often cover the cases of bullying allegations that the celebrity eventually cops to, we rarely hear the backstory of the cases where some asshole just made shit up for laughs. Though either way, it does reinforce the worldview that people suck.


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