DinDin under fire for expressing skepticism about older men who pursue young women

Rapper DinDin is currently under some fire for comments he made on his radio show SBS Power FM’s DinDin’s Music High after a listener called in asking for advice on what to do as a younger woman who has interest in an older man.

A female listener who’s 21 years old shared that she feels attracted to a 33-year-old man in her cycling club, but that many around her are against it due to their age difference.

DinDin essentially just agreed with those who had concerns.

While BIGONE expressed that age is just a number, DinDin was strongly against it and explained why.” There’s bound to be one guy around you who’s in a jogging club. What I don’t get is when they finish running and they go for drinks after.”
— DinDin
He imagined himself to the female listener’s big brother and elaborated on his stance. “If my little sister was 21 and she wanted to date a 33-year-old guy, I’d have to meet him. To see what kind of person he is. He could be a decent person, but he could also take advantage of younger women.
DinDin then proceeded to stress his objection and expressed his fear of younger women dating “trash.” I think people in their early 20s should date other people in their early 20s. At that point, they haven’t been an adult for that long, and since they’ve yet to establish their own set of values, it could fall apart just by dating someone old with bad character, who are commonly referred to as trash. “
When BIGONE suggested that “trash” exist at all ages, DinDin explained why he thinks they’re different at different ages.
Trash at the same age are still the same age. Trash that you can control. There are trash who’ve been around for 20 years and trash that have only been around for 2 years. So you have to be careful.

Given that international netizens also love to debate this issue, thought this Korean netizen debate would be of interest. As far as DinDin goes, I wouldn’t worry about him yet, as from what I’ve seen so far he has only pissed off a certain type of netizen.

While it’s true that he didn’t even ask her out, so the individual person is not at fault, and it’s also true that people are shitty at all ages, it’s also true that there are many men who target younger women in a predatory way and use their extra time on the planet to exert that. Personally I’m not strict about it, but I think it’s fine to show extra scrutiny to a guy in the situation described. I dunno, it’s like a non-Asian dude who only dates young Asian women or something. Maybe he’s a good dude, but … I mean, there are red flags.

Also, and most importantly for DinDin/Hyunyoung shippers like me, the two are obviously the same age.



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