Dreamcatcher content machine pumps out dance practice, relay dance, special performance for “Wind Blows”, plus bonus covers

Dreamcatcher and their content generator has continued on even after they finished promoting “Odd Eye”, as B-side “Wind Blows” was up next with a dance practice, relay dance, and an especially impressive performance video.

Dance Practice

M2 – Relay Dance

Genie Music – Play Color

As I’ve said, they always make the relay dances fun and worth watching, but the performance video really stood out.

As I’ve been saying on Twitter, “Wind Blows” is probably the first song they’ve promoted that I don’t particularly have an affinity for. The tone switch just doesn’t work for me, though as a total package including one of their better choreographies, it certainly lightens that blow.


Also, they keep killing it and winning these Mnet dance challenges so here they are doing “Tell Me” and “Keep Your Head Down”.


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