DSP responds to 3 allegations against Naeun, 3 staff defend April against claims of bullying Hyunjoo

Following the company’s multiple denials of girl group April bullying of Hyunjoo, and defenses put up by former A-JAX members and Yena’s sibling, the company has been forced to further clarify rumors.

Naeun seemed to be the center of things, with an allegation of bullying in school emerging.

On March 1, someone shared a post on an online forum and claimed that they were bullied by Naeun during elementary school. The creator of the post (henceforth referred to as “A”) stated, “In my sixth year of elementary school, Naeun cursed at me for no reason, and the so-called ‘group of delinquents’ that included Naeun always ostracized me.”
A wrote that they were afraid to go to school in case the group of kids including Naeun would curse at A again. A continued, “I think what I experienced was school violence, and I think it’s only right that I receive an apology. Physical violence isn’t the only type of violence.” A shared Naeun’s elementary graduation photo to prove they were classmates.

People also dug up her alleged past comments from 2013, where in a convo she reportedly remarked, “Do you want to be sexually assaulted by Go Young Wook?” (Went to prison for sexually assaulting a minor)

A screenshot of an online conversation shared in 2013 between someone with the name Lee Na Eun and another person surfaced on an online community. In the image, Lee Na Eun writes as a threatening response to the other person’s comment, “Do you also want to be sexually assaulted by Go Young Wook?”

DSP Media initially released a short statement saying the Go Young Wook comment was photoshopped.

Regarding the screenshot, DSP Media stated to Xportsnews, “Naeun’s past comment about Go Young Wook is an edit. It is an old photo that is being spread again due to the recent issue.”

Then they released another statement clarifying both situations.

Hello. This is DSP Media.
On the morning of March 2, through law firm ELPS, the company filed criminal complaints against the cases in which malicious manipulated posts and false information were spread regarding our artist.
Our artists are being deeply hurt by the distorted and malicious false posts. From the moment we post this announcement and onwards, we will take strong action against all posts that contain malicious slander and false information about our artists as well as the spread of these posts. There will be no leniency or negotiation.

As if that wasn’t enough, DSP also had to deny that Naeun was dating Yunyoung (former A-JAX). If you recall, he was the most passionate about rebuking any bullying of Hyunjoo, effectively going on the offensive. Netizens had then dug into him and alleged that he was in a relationship with member Naeun, due to their closeness.

It is not even worth explaining the rumors between Naeun and Yoonyoung. After checking with Naeun herself, the rumors of the two being in a relationship are groundless.

If they aren’t dating, then him taping over another person on his phone case so that it’s just him and Naeun is … uh, something. My man is down bad.

Additionally, April’s former hairstylist, makeup artist, and a former DSP employee all came forward to support the group, with the hairstylist saying Hyunjoo ruined the group’s promos, the makeup artist was more diplomatic in saying they all went through a lot, and the ex-employee saying they didn’t get along but there wasn’t bullying (he posted this before DSP commented).

Former DSP staff saying it’s true they did not get along, but there was no physical bullying or ostracizing

If you’re started to get dizzied by all the testimony coming out now then you’re not alone. Essentially though, trying to cut through what is real and what is not, the situation remains the same. The only consistent thing that can be agreed on is that April didn’t get along. While it’s not enough for me to feel comfortable condemning everybody, as there is surely still more to come, I do think it’s a bit odd how all of these statements are beginning to sound the same.


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