Hyunjoo receives support from former Uni.T groupmates Yoonjo & Lee Suji

As the mess with April’s bullying controversy has continued to escalate, former members of the girl group UNI.T have come forward to support groupmate Hyunjoo. The group promoted for five months before disbanding, and it consisted of Yang Ji Won (ex-SPICA), Woohee (Dal Shabet), Yoonjo (ex-Hello Venus), ZN (Laboum), NC.A, Euijin (SONAMOO), Yebin (DIA), Lee Suji (ex-The Ark), and of course Hyunjoo (ex-April).

Former Hello Venus member Yoonjo answered a question about Hyunjoo on Instagram Stories. While former The Ark member Lee Suji (Halla) also showed support.

Hmm.. So many people have been asking me about it, and I didn’t want there to be any misunderstanding if I didn’t respond… So I decided to answer after thinking about it long and hard.
We’ve been talking in our UNI.T group chat even today.  I’m sure it’ll be very hard but I believe she will fight through it well. So please stop harassing her. Apart from the people present at the time, no one else will understand the pain so please don’t pretend like you know things. To those who are bothering her with the unnecessary interest, please stop.

On March 3, 2021, Lee Suji (formerly Halla from The Ark) posted on Instagram stories, a photograph of her enjoying a meal with Hyunjoo. She attached the caption, “I hope I can be (a source of) strength to you too.

Not the point, but I’m glad the girls from Uni.T still actively keep in contact considering the diverse backgrounds the nine members have. More importantly for this, I’m glad Hyunjoo has people who are supporting her through this, because DSP Media seems intent on handling it as messy as possible.


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