SNSD’s Tiffany goes viral for proving herself as a water sommelier on ‘Knowing Bros’

Tiffany is a member of SNSD and was recently cast in the musical Chicago against great odds, but none of that matters now, as the most remarkable thing she’s done is tell five brands of bottled water apart on ‘Knowing Bros’.

Nobody cares about wine anymore and Martin Riese’s nerdy-ass is dead in a ditch.

Evian: It’s the most slippery and feels the heaviest when swallowing
Icis: It’s a bit slippery and has a slight scent towards the end
Baeksansoo: The after taste feels light
Samdasoo: It tastes the same regardless of temperature
Pyeongchangsoo: It tastes the sweetest and gets sweeter the colder it gets

30k+ retweets? Yeah, buddy.

Also, she sang “Roxie” as Roxie Hart or whatever, but of course that’s nothing compared to water tasting.


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