KINGDOM live up to what I wanted with their ridiculous “Excalibur” debut

Back in January, I put my campy K-pop hopes onto a debuting boy group called KINGDOM, complete with medieval fantasy concept and the teasers to match. While I’m a bit late on covering their debut itself, I’m pleased to report that “Excalibur” was effectively what I hoped for.

Everything about this music video is so ridiculous and over the top, which is basically what I wanted them to sell out for. Of course, the concept is meaningless unless the music is there to back it up, but they show promise on that front as well.

Hopefully they stick with it a bit and see where it does, as the problem with a lot of these concepts is groups abandon them too quickly if immediate results aren’t seen rather than give it time to evolve like a certain girl group that is the catcher of dreams.

I’m still unsure if KINGDOM picked a good or bad time to debut with that name as it makes it confusing to separate themselves from the Mnet show, but also the show is undoubtedly more known than them for most and maybe people stumble onto them by accident. Either way, their concept alone was enough to standout from the crowd at least.


Thot Leader™