Oh My Girl Seunghee’s agency to take legal action against producer TANK due to his obsessive harassment over unreciprocated feelings

WM Entertainment has announced that they would be taking legal action against producer/rapper Tank for threats and harassment against Oh My Girl member Seunghee.

While things had been escalating for a while, this comes right after Tank dropped a diss track “Suni” against Seunghee.

The lyrics basically try to impinge her character.

The lyrics of the track caught attention as it seemed like it implied Seung Hee’s previous interaction with male idols, being two-faced when it comes to her fans and obscene rumors about the female idol. It’s very personal, and the other characters in the lyrics can be fully guessed.

This diss track doesn’t name anybody and the face in the cover is censored, but it didn’t take long for people to figure out it was directed at Seunghee. Especially since within the past week, he at one point posted about her five times in three days on his Instagram (1/2/3/4/5), concluding with a somewhat unsettling video. Star Today also reports that he confirmed it was directed at her in a reply.

So there’s been more to all this than just a diss track, though this seemed to put things beyond the point of no return, and WME released a statement explaining the lawsuit.

Hello. This is WM Entertainment.
First, we apologize to fans, who must be worried, for causing concern through the issue with our artist Seunghee.
Seunghee and composer Tank are seniors and juniors from Korea Art School and in the same industry. We aim to make it clear that Seunghee is a victim who is currently being maliciously harassed by Tank.
1. On December 7, 2020, Tank sent messages to Seunghee and her former high school classmate. He sent them a suicide note and wrote that he would take his own life in a few minutes, saying he was putting a knife on his desk.
As Tank’s mental state was usually unstable, Seunghee thought that this was a signal that he would really attempt to take his own life. In order to save a life, she called a female acquaintance who had often wrote songs with him and Seunghee explained the situation. The acquaintance immediately called the police and reported it.
2. Seunghee and the acquaintance went to the scene themselves. As she thought that Tank might try to take his own life again, Seunghee encouraged him, expressing that he is someone who could be loved enough by anyone. This was Seunghee’s pure attempt to stop him from taking his own life.
3. This incident led to the beginning of Tank’s excessive obsession, and he sent his psychiatry medical records as proof that she had saved him from death. He pressured her psychologically, saying that his psychiatrist had said that Seunghee is his medicine and had asked her to stay by his side and help him so that he could get better. Also, he gave the word “love” an excessive meaning different from reality, and he sent obsessive messages. It became a situation where he was courting her one-sidedly.
4. When his feelings were not accepted, Tank sent threatening messages saying that he would take his own life soon and that the entire world would remember Seunghee through the news in the media, which made her frightened.
5. While Seunghee has been dealing with intense mental torment and anxiety for about three months, from December 7 until now, she had a severe panic disorder to such a degree that she could not carry out her scheduled activities as normal. Although he is a senior to her from school and the industry, she ended contact as she decided that she could no longer continue to be in contact with him.
6. After this, Tank uploaded a video and photos on his social media accounts and YouTube that contain information that is clearly false and that distorts the truth.
Our company has made the decision that we can no longer overlook that Tank has been continuously harassing Seunghee by distorting the truth as though she’s the perpetrator, when she’s really the victim, and taking advantage of her good nature.
Moreover, it’s been found that rather than just Seunghee, he has also harassed other artists including acquaintances by sending videos and messages in which he habitually hints at taking his own life and complains of mental anguish.
Therefore, our company is taking all possible civil and criminal legal action, including for the spread of false information, intimidation, and infringement on personal rights, and we plan to respond strongly with the best measures possible and there will be no negotiations or leniency.

TANK has consistently come off like a creepy obsessive weirdo towards Seunghee ever since I recently became aware of this in the past week, and there’s zero reason to doubt WM Entertainment’s statement given just his public actions. Seems like a pretty clear case of emotional manipulation and abuse, and I hope Seunghee can at least get some reprieve from this guy, if not justice.


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