ICYMI: Actress Choi Ye Seul (G.O’s wife) revealed Mino & P.O. helped her when she was bullied back in high school

Given all the mess surrounding the bullying allegations in Korean entertainment at the moment, people seem to also want to hear about stories where celebs aren’t monsters, like with TVXQ’s Yunho and Block B’s B-Bomb.

So, I thought it would be a decent time to bring back the story of actress Choi Ye Seul (and now-wife of ex-MBLAQ member G.O) thanking WINNER’s Mino and Block B’s P.O for saving her from bullies.

The newlywed model and Youtuber recently explained that the three of them attended Hanlim Arts High School. Choi Ye Seul admitted that she was bullied and ostracized at school.

I was a transfer student during high school. At that time, I was obsessed with the drama ‘Boys Over Flowers‘, and I was bullied by female classmates for imitating Geum Jan Di. At that time, Mino and P.O helped me out a lot. I am very grateful to them for that. Perhaps they felt pity for a transfer student for being bullied.

Dying thinking of these two fuckers stepping to the bully and telling them to fuck off.


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