Celebrities show support for #StopAsianHate following Atlanta mass shooting + resources

Yesterday was a rough day for many Asian Americans after news broke that there was a mass shooting incident at three Atlanta spa parlors that left eight dead, including six Asian women.

It seems abundantly clear to many that this was an attack targeted at Asians as a part of the ongoing violence since the pandemic (well, throughout history, but especially of late). However, it has not yet been designated a hate crime and might never be, considering how police seem to be looking at it.

Oh hey, the guy in the video? Yeah, he was part of what led us to this point.

Other media seem to be covering it differently, however, and are getting better info.


The weird thing about this is I’m not even that shocked. And I absolutely don’t mean that in a dismissive way, but this just always seemed like it was coming given the horrific rise in attacks.

And I know I’m a cynical, pessimist type who expects the worst, but I get this sinking feeling that this is only the beginning.

The Asian entertainment bent to this post is that I noted when Peniel spoke out about the rash of anti-Asian violence that I was disappointed about the lack of Asian entertainers speaking up. It’s still the case, but more have spoken out about this


There are also many other non-Asians now speaking up, including American celebrities.

Found this resource useful as well.

Also “enjoyed” this thread about Asian Americans racist treatment, some incidents I wasn’t even aware of myself.


Personally, I will be donating to the GoFundMe AAPI relief fund, which I’m letting you know with the hopes anybody who is able also contributes.

If you have any better or more direct ways to help, please let me know in the comments so I can add it. Unfortunately, part of getting less attention is you also get less organization from people about where to help. Thank you.

I’ll try to update this as it goes along, but just wanted to get something about this out so we can get started.


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