Choi Jong Bum (Hara’s ex) wins lawsuit against a malicious commenter, which sure is something

Choi Jong Bum, Hara’s ex, is already thankfully headed to prison, but he also sued a bunch of netizens for defaming his character … and recently won at initial trial.

On March 16, the Seoul Central District Court made a ruling, which stated that “Mr. A must pay 300,000 Won ($265.12~) to Choi Jong Beom.” 
Choi Jong Beom filed a lawsuit against netizens, accusing them of leaving malicious comments during his assault trial. He sued 6 different netizens, but only 1 commenter was charged and the remaining 5 defendants’ claims were dismissed.

Oh wow, poor guy. Malicious comments about him being an abusive shithead.

This is inconsequential to him being a piece of shit and all that, but I’m mentioning it for the sole purpose of once again pointing out how defamation works in Korea work and the kinds of things people are defending when they cheer it on.


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