Bullying Allegations Roundup: (G)I-DLE’s Soojin, Ji Soo, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

It’s been a bit over a week since the last roundup, and since then it seems like things are slowly beginning to settle down, at least in terms of new allegations. However, there have been major updates to ongoing cases, and it seems important to cover those.


(G)I-DLE’s Soojin: Another allegation of bullying and school violence emerged, with the person supporting the other accusers. Cube Entertainment responded that the claims were false. Later Soojin herself made a detailed statement addressing all the claims, and called on actress Seo Shin Ae to make a statement. Cube also released a statement saying they have filed criminal complaints against the accusers.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of one of the alleged victims has rejected the explanation, claimed Cube Entertainment filed an anti-corruption complaint, and said they will respond with additional evidence and legal action.

Ji Soo: An investigative program spoke to five victims and parents of two victims, who provided details of Jisoo’s bullying and school violence. The school where this occurred had nothing to say to the program. One classmate said that while the bullying and school violence was true, the sexual crimes were not, and also claimed the initial accuser was a bully themselves. However, a classmate backed the sexual assault allegations and another claimed they were sexually harassed.

KeyEast continued to apologize for the bullying and school violence but also continued to deny the sexual crimes allegations. Ji Soo released a personal response that did the same as his company.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu: Pledis Entertainment released a statement detailing their investigation into the initial bullying allegation, explaining that the involved parties didn’t share the same recollection as the accuser. Thus, the initial accuser said they would not continue the issue and the company considers matters now resolved.


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