Bullying Allegations Roundup: SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, Jo Byung Gu, Park Hye Su, Shim Eun Woo, Jo Han Sun, Hong Hyun Hee

Things weren’t winding down when we last left off over a week ago, and while there have been less high profile allegations, there are still three new celebrities named along with three major updates to ongoing cases.


SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu: Pledis Entertainment provided an update stating they have resolved matters with one accuser, issuing a blanket apology to her but clarifying that her grievances were generalized and Mingyu did not intentionally target her. The company says they are working on the remaining matters, which are likely the bullying allegations.

Jo Byung Gu: An accuser has said that they’re being threatened by HB Entertainment to apologize, with Jo Byung Gu personally denying, claiming the accuser asked for leniency first.

Park Hye Su: She not only denies the bullying allegations, but claims that she was the one who was bullied.

Shim Eun Woo: Accused of bullying, SH Media Corp responded saying it’s true they didn’t get along and that she hung out with an iljin group, but the company countered the allegation by citing her student record. The company and the actress are currently trying to get in touch with the accuser to resolve any issues.

Jo Han Sun: Accused of bullying, school violence, and sexual harassment, to which Mystic Story responded that the allegations are not true.

Hong Hyun Hee: Accused of bullying, Bliss Entertainment responded that the allegations are false. The accuser then apologized for “an error in memory”.


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