Actress Seo Shin Ae says she was bullied for 2 years by (G)I-DLE Soojin

Cube Entertainment’s latest response to the bullying allegations levied against (G)I-DLE’s Soojin involved a specific call-out of actress Seo Shin Ae to clarify her position,

8. About actress Seo Shin Ae’s Instagram post
As I wrote in my first statement, I have never spoken with actress Seo Shin Ae during our time at school. Before this issue began, I had no idea even which class she was in.
I have never committed acts like putting cigarettes in her desk or stealing her graduation letters.
I know nothing about Seo Shin Ae and this was the first time that I had heard such rumors about her and me. I have never bullied her or cursed at her behind her back.
Every time that I release a new statement, Seo Shin Ae has shared a post around the same time, so many people wrongly believe that I bullied her.
My agency has contacted her agency, but has gotten no response.
I am not guilty, so I strongly request Seo Shin Ae to release a clear statement about the issue.

If you haven’t been keeping up, basically as the allegations were ongoing, Seo Shin Ae would post cryptic messages seemingly aimed at Soojin through her Instagram Stories.

Note: While I recap all the bullying allegations in a roundup, like with April’s situation, since this involves two public figures it seems worthy of covering on its own.

Now Seo Shin Ae has done as Cube asked and clarified her stance on Instagram, accusing Soojin of bullying her for two years.

Hello, this is actress Seo Shin Ae. 10 years ago, I was young and someone without courage. However, if I once again face this situation with fear and hesitation, I think I will be very disappointed with myself and be regretful in the far future, so I am going to take courage. I have worked in the entertainment industry since I was young, but at school, I was a typical student like the other kids. In my second year of middle school, I transferred to a new school in the first semester, and I worked to get along well with my classmates. For two years, that person who mentioned me constantly said groundless insults and personal attacks about me such as, “I wonder how she is a celebrity when she’s not even that pretty,” “She’s a celebrity who’s past her prime anyway,” “No wonder she is an outcast,” “I don’t know what the teachers like about her that cause them to give her special treatment,” on the way to school, in the hallways during breaks, the cafeteria, every day and anywhere with a group along with unpleasant cursing and snickering laughter. It could’ve just been envy and jealousy of young students and words they said in passing, but they are words that have caused deep pain in my heart and remain with me to this day. The pain I received back then gradually grew into a bigger bruise, and I started to develop fear of people. That fear became trauma, changed my personality into becoming introverted, and it is true that it also became a great barrier for entering high school. It made me realize that not only physical violence but also mental violence can remain as everlasting pain in someone’s life. She says she does not remember and has never spoken with me, and that is true. They were just one-sided insults. I think it is unfortunate that she is drawing the line even saying that she definitely did not do the actions or say the scornful words in her group behind me. And I’m not sure what kind of witnesses or evidence she has, but I want to ask if her selective memory is honesty that can cover up everything I am talking about. If there are people who are struggling due to school violence right now, take courage and ask those around you for help. I wasn’t able to do so, and I believed things would gradually improve with the passing of time, but I realized that it did not happen. I feel apologetic for causing worry and concern from many people due to this situation. In the future, I want to give back with my activities as an actress rather than my personal situations. I hope you will be happy in the upcoming month of April also, and it must be tiring and difficult due to COVID-19, but I hope you will gain strength. Thank you.

Well, Cube got what they wanted.

Seriously though, this is terrible for Soojin. It’s possible to attempt to move on if you can quietly settle or respond to anonymous netizens/classmates, but when it’s a celebrity with their own platform and company, it’s gonna be a mess unless Cube does have actual evidence she’s fabricating this.


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