Oh My Girl Seunghee’s agency responds after TANK posts video about his harassment of her

Earlier this month, WM Entertainment was forced to announce legal action against produce TANK for his continued obsessive harassment of Oh My Girl Seunghee. Shortly after, a classmate of theirs backed Seunghee and said TANK had done the same to another woman before.

Recently TANK responded on his YouTube channel, denying WME’s explanation and claiming Seunghee approached him.

TANK denied stalking Seunghee as WM Entertainment had accused him of. He alleged that Seunghee was the one who had approached him first and confessed her love for him while sending him multiple videos and photographs of herself. TANK called Seunghee a liar.

Of course, it’s all bizarre because he effectively admits he just wants to drag this out and impact her group.

You cannot sue me. You totally lied about suing me and only ended up sending a certification of contents. It requested me to take down photos in which you were tagged in. If you want to make a criminal lawsuit of this, it will take you a year and a half. In that time, your girl group’s image will only become that of one that committed crimes.

Then he says he has mental health records so she can’t win a lawsuit.

You have told me too much already. You should leave the group now and go back to your hometown and open a dalkgalbi business. Then maybe I’ll let your team off. You don’t have much time left. You can’t sue me. If you sue me, you won’t win. I have 3 years of medical records for mental heath therapy with me.

None of this really makes sense, but that’s to be expected as I doubt he’s making rational choices at the moment.

Either way, this prompted WME to release another statement, clarifying in detail their legal action against him.

Hello, this is WM Entertainment. This is our final statement regarding Tank, who continues to spread false and malicious information.
1. As we revealed in our first statement, Seunghee and Tank were senior and junior classmates at Korea Art School and senior and junior colleagues in the same industry. Seunghee helped him after he contacted her about taking his own life, but he took advantage of her kindness and appealed to his own mental illness to attempt to pursue a romantic relationship with her. He even threatened her by saying that he might take his own life again. The agency’s firm statement that Seunghee is a victim of harassment remains unchanged. Even though Seunghee took the time out of her busy schedule to help a senior who was suffering and kept in touch with him because she was worried about him, he started spreading false and preposterous information about her and exaggerated the truth on his social media and YouTube channel as soon as she cut off contact with him. The damage caused to our artists has been getting more severe after he also revealed the members’ personal information.
2. The agency collected all the evidence and documents related to this case and sent it to the law firm acting as our legal representative. On March 12, we filed both civil and criminal complaints against Tank for spreading false rumors, insults, and threats. On March 9, as part of our preparation for our lawsuit, the agency went to Tank’s house once to check if that was where he lived because the address he had shared on social media was not the address that we had been given. We rang the bell in order to deliver the certification of contents notice and to confirm that it was him and his address, but due to Tank’s own refusal, we were unable to meet face-to-face and simply delivered the certification of contents.
3. Unlike what Tank claimed, the agency clearly states that we have never made him any offers or attempts at appeasement. Our position on taking strong legal action against all these incidents remains firm. It is deeply uncomfortable for us and our artists to be involved in his preposterous, one-sided claims. If he is really the victim of an injustice, then this is a case that can be solved by going to the police, but instead he defames our artists by spreading false rumors about them on social media and on YouTube. The damage and shock caused to our artists and the agency is severe.
4. Some of the messages that Tank sent Seunghee in the past included phrases like, “When I die, reveal the KakaoTalk messages I sent you to defend yourself. The world’s judgment will be divided into those who criticize me as someone who ended his own life pitifully after loving one woman,” and “The media will remember forever that if I die, it’s because you killed me.” As these messages implied he was thinking of suicide, we approached the situation with as much caution as possible. However, Tank has caused shock and violence to many people by releasing extreme videos that put his life on the line. Since this has caused violence and discomfort to more people other than just our artists, we have decided that we could no longer stay silent or remain idle about this behavior.
5. We will not absolutely not engage in direct communication with a person who continues to spread false information and distort the truth to benefit himself alone. Instead, he will be held responsible according to the law. In order to protect our artists against further damage, if an individual attacks our artists with one-sided, fictional claims, then we will take strong legal action without conciliation up until the end. In a situation in which our artists and the agency continue to be damaged through the spread of false information (e.g. if the original content continues to spread, if the individual spreads further lies, continues to engage in exhausting behavior, and expands and reproduces their lies further), we will take further legal action as that requires.
6. Even in this situation, Seunghee is currently fulfilling her work responsibilities to the best of her abilities to comfort the fans who are worried about her. WM Entertainment is also focusing on preparations for a new album. We would like to apologize to the fans who are worried about our artists for causing them concern. Since this issue concerned someone’s precious life, we decided to be cautious in our response, so we ask for your understanding regarding the lateness of this statement. Thank you.

Fortunately, TANK has made his fault so blatantly obvious that nobody seems to be on his side, so Seunghee can avoid any of that fallout. However, she unfortunately still has to deal with the situation and I just hope it gets wrapped up sooner than later.


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