Ilhoon (ex-BTOB) & friends admit to buying over $110k in weed across 161 purchases

At the end of 2020, shocking news broke that former BTOB member Ilhoon had reportedly spent over $90k on marijuana, which resulted in legal troubles for him and having to leave the group. Now it’s been revealed that he and seven others bought drugs 161 times over a 2.5-year span, totaling about two pounds and over $110k.

During the hearing, Ilhoon’s legal representative stated, “The defendant admits to all charges and is reflecting on his wrongdoings.” When Ilhoon was given a chance to speak, he said, “I am sincerely repenting. I am very sorry.” Seven other defendants who were indicted along with Ilhoon also admitted to the charges. Ilhoon and the other defendants were brought to trial for suspicions of purchasing and smoking 826 grams (approximately 1.8 pounds) of marijuana together using approximately 130 million won (approximately $116,500) across 161 instances between July 5, 2016 and January 9, 2019.

Well, I’m happy for BTOB members that they make enough where one of the members could (I assume) be the primary funder of $110k+ of drugs over a 2.5-year span. Impressive!

Other than that, it’s a bit of a letdown cause if it was eight people smoking two pounds of weed, then it’s not as ridiculous as I thought it was initially when I imagined Ilhoon just like chain smoking weed 24/7.

As far as how I feel about him personally, well other than him being a bit of an idiot since he knew how the laws work in Korea, I don’t feel much different about him in terms of like morality or anything of that sort. It’s weed.


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