Hyunjoo (ex-APRIL) will take legal action against alleged ex-DSP employee who claimed she’s lying

As if things weren’t messy enough as they stood following DSP Media announcing their intent to take Hyunjoo to court over her saying that she was bullied while in APRIL, recently there was an anonymous post by an alleged ex-DSP employee saying that Hyunjoo was faking the whole thing.

The alleged former employee accused Hyunjoo of lying with, “I am writing the truth because the world has believed your ridiculous lies, and it seems that you are deluded into thinking that the world belongs to you.” They explained that after Hyunjoo allegedly underwent plastic surgery, the group APRIL was created. However, they alleged that Hyunjoo made it obvious that she did not want to be a part of a girl group and went around with her boyfriend instead. The alleged former employee continued that after Hyunjoo announced that she would be committing suicide, she instead was just hanging with her boyfriend. They claim that Hyunjoo was not ostracized, rather, Hyunjoo herself did not want to be a part of the group. “If the leader Somin asked you to practice, you would throw a water bottle. But the company tried to move forward with you who was a ticking time bomb, and ended up making Somin leave the group.” The alleged former employee also criticized Hyunjoo for reacting negatively to the acting jobs she was given, claiming that Hyunjoo had wanted to reject things such as web dramas. They ended off the post by claiming they would reveal more of the truth if Hyunjoo were to continue spreading falsehoods.

Not sure why people defending DSP keep harping on the suicide attempt being fake or whatever when there’s already medical records released showing otherwise. Like it doesn’t necessarily prove their version of events is entirely wrong, but to a reasonable person looking at this objectively, it just makes them seem like liars as well as callous. Their own words are making Hyunjoo seem more credible, which is … something.

Anyway, everything was later deleted, and Hyunjoo’s lawyers will be filing charges against that person for defamation.

In response to these claims, law firm Lee & Kim shared on April 26, “A criminal complaint was filed against the individual who spread false information through malicious slandering posts about Lee Hyunjoo on the charge of violating the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. (defamation) and the charge of intimidation.”

Honestly, the only interesting thing that could come from this is if the anonymous person in question does provide evidence for their claims. Or if, as netizens are speculating, the person behind this is actually DSP themselves and/or Naeun.


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